Wednesday, April 18, 2007

"Drive" Kissing Game [Because I'm not interested in Drinking Games]

I've been totally obsessed with the new show on Fox, Drive, for no particular reason*, so herewith, based on the three episodes that were shown over this past Sunday/Monday, I have developed the "Drive" kissing game:

  • Anytime someone says any combination of the words "illegal" "underground" "cross-country" or "road-race," kiss.

  • Anytime someone actually says the entire phrase, "illegal underground cross-country road-race," make-out. NOTE: You will make out at least once per episode.

  • Whenever Nathan Fillion talks about his missing wife, kiss.

  • Whenever someone tells Nathan Fillion, "You'll never get your wife back if you don't [blank]," kiss twice.

  • If a random character getting a lot of screentime turns out to be a sinister figure part of the vast conspiracy running the illegal underground cross-country road-race**, kiss.

  • If Melanie Lynskey's character (the Mom in the mini-van), acts vaguely creepy about her son, kiss.

  • Whenever Dylan Baker's character dies of cancer/getting shot (probably episode 11, I'm guessing), totally hardcore f**k.
So that's it! Have fun, and good luck with your smoochin'!

*Lies: I have a total man-crush on Nathan Fillion.

**Make out!!!


Ted said...

I 100% agree with everything you just said. Especially the Dylan "Guest Star" Baker part.

And you can't have Nathan. He's mine. He's been mine since his Caleb the super-powered killer-priest days.

I'd be pissed about him taking Xander's eye, but Xander ended up looking so damn cool with an eye patch I had to let it go.


marni said...

wow. i had better invest in some chap-stick.

Jordi said...

Normally, I'd try to claim a fox like Nathan Fillion for my own, but I will never stand in the way of adorable man crushes! Never!

Anonymous said...

what's hardcore fmake outk?