Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Some Movie Dialoge for You

This is for anyone who's writing a romantic comedy set in the world of the NHL, and is getting stuck on the scene where the hotshot new Ice Hockey Player is trying to ask out the owner's hot, brainy daughter:

Skates McKenzie: Hey! What's your name? You have to tell me your name, at least.

Max (Short for Maxine): Sorry Skates, my Mommy told me not to talk to Rangers.

Skates: Your Mommy isn't here right now.
Feel free to use this dialogue, but if you wanted to send me a small percentage of your profits from selling your movie script, I would be much obliged.


baz said...

check's in the mail.

i did change "mommy" to "mother" because "mommy" is just creepy as all get out.