Friday, April 06, 2007

Webbed Video

This f'ing horrified me.

I also originally saw it with the sound off, which made it waaaaaaaaaay worse.

OK, so you can tell me. Has this video been around forever and I'm just now seeing it? Cuz I am behind on the whole internet website movie video craze.


Heather said...

Holy crap. That was completely awesome! I went to the Banff film festival here in PGH last night and there was this biologist describing what a human looks like to a wounded Siberian Tiger... basically a big blind buffet that you only have to try for once. You know... sort of like that pigeon. DEEEEEE-licious!

baz said...

wow! what a coincidence! i ate a pigeon! i mean, am from pittsburgh!

Murchie said...

Are pelicans *conventionally* dinosaur sized and I just have been blissfully not been noticing this?

In the initial still, i thought that was a fiberglass novelty sculpture.

Seriously. How big are squirrels, actually? 40, 50 pounds?

Jeff said...

Now you all know how I've felt every night for the last 20 years when I wake up at 4:30 every morning in a cold sweat.

(I don't remember if I've ever recounted the pelican-eating-my-head story on this blog or not. Perhaps this comment makes no sense. Oh who cares, I'm on Vicodin! WOO!)

K said...

Now that it has a taste for blood, it's going to tell all of it's friends, and you know what that means (the end of the human race, etc. etc.). Nice knowing you all (or, you know, commenting on your blog).