Monday, May 14, 2007


Check out the trailer for this way awesome action movie from the early 90s. Oh, I meant 2007.

Also: worst (or at least, the most ill-advised and poorly timed) title of the year?

"This fall, line up and go to WAR!"


That said, I'll probably still see this movie, seeing as I love this crap.


Geoffrey said...

I thought Jet Li retired...?

Anonymous said...

I think he stopped making "martial arts epics" specifically, not movies in general.

pete said...

yeah, he said he was tired of doing action movies. So... I guess this one has a lot of witty dialogue.

But I'm still gonna see it. Cause I heart Jason Stratham in a mostly straight hetero man crush way.

Jeff said...

Yeah, I think anony's right. He's quit making the only kind of movies he's done that have been both successful and respected. I can see how he'd grow tired of the genre, but it's just unfortunate that this seems to be his only other option.

That said, I will see it, seeing as I love this crap.