Tuesday, July 24, 2007


I'm pretty sure I like Interpol. I think they're smart guys, definitely self-aware, and they've written a few terrific songs. What I find most interesting about them is probably their persistent usage of the major 3rd interval in their melodies and basslines, which, in their endless sarcasm, seems to mock the very idea of happiness (I tend to think a bit too much about intervals).

But I've also come to the conclusion that they make music for assholes. There are lots of sarcastic bands out there, but somehow I don't tend to get this exact vibe from any other group. When I'm listening to Interpol, I start feeling like I should be pushing people, or smirking at people, or hogging the whole subway pole. They make me feel like an asshole.

Are they assholes in real life? Are they just assholes making music for assholes? I've heard some stories that may support this, but I feel I must withhold judgment unless someone has hard evidence.


Ankur said...

WFNX here in Boston suggested the bandmates don't even like each other. Don't know where they heard this, but I'll trust FNX...

Hey, are there any good radio stations in NY (WFAN doesn't count)? Last I remember the answer to this question is "No."