Thursday, August 16, 2007

Hardcore Fun at Manning Farm


This past weekend, our filming adventures took us to my friend Brian Manning's dairy farm out in Dalton, Pennsylvania. Besides being very pastoral and beautiful, his farm is the epitome of what you picture a small, family farm to be – rolling hills, hay bales, cows, horses out in pasture. We had phenomenal weather to film in, and after we were done, Brian treated all of us to as much ice cream as we could eat, as well as a rare behind-the-scenes tour of his operations. Apparently, his milk is produced at such high standards that he is legally allowed to sell his raw milk as pasteurized, which is impressive. His milk also sets my standard for deliciousness – if you've only ever had milk out of a store-bought carton, you really haven't tasted milk. Props also to Dana, Brian's wife, who made a delicious barbecue for us with chicken, bratwurst, and locally grown sweet corn.

Anyway, check out the pictures from our day here.