Thursday, August 16, 2007

RIP Scrabulous?

Now it looks like Scrabulous, the Scrabble program within Facebook that is the greatest invention in the history of human creation, will be coming back shortly. But just in case its overwhelming popularity crashes it off of the internet forever, here is the best eulogy I can muster.

Scrabulous gave me my greatest Scrabble moment.

It happened in a game with one Rob C., a person whom I do not know who challenged me to Scrabble. We started playing and whether through a lack of talent or a lack of luck on Rob C.'s part, I leapt out to a commanding lead, probably around 200-120ish. I was coasting by this point, just building simple words and trying to run out the clock.

Around this time I got this rack back: IOOMBZE. Being a member of Elephant Larry, I of course immediately saw the word ZOMBIE.

When my next turn came, I looked for a cross letter to build this word on the board. I saw the word GUILD which I could have crossed the "I" in, or maybe GUILDE was also a word and I could use the "E" twice? (Blogger is telling me guilde is NOT a word. Then again, it also said leapt is not a word).

In the end I decided to bide my time. I would use the extra "O" in my rack and wait for the perfect moment for ZOMBIE. I cross my "O" with "G" making OG (just kidding, GO) and get my next letter back.

It's an S.

I pray Rob C. does nothing with GUILD.

He doesn't.


ZOMBIES triple word score.

122 points.

My greatest Scrabble moment is complete. Thank you Scrabulous. Thank you.


Geoffrey said...

I resisted making an all-new post about this, but I have an important message:

Scrabulous is back up. If it's your turn, get to it already. Some of us want to play Scrabble.