Tuesday, August 21, 2007

On The Lot Finale

In case you're not sick of hearing me write about On The Lot, here's a brief note about the "season" finale. After Will Bingham won (good) on the live show tonight, he got into a Limo outside the movie theater/audience area, and drove over to Dreamworks Studios, where Steven Spielberg congratulated him, and welcomed him into the grounds, handing him a key to his own office.

Couple of fun facts:

- "On The Lot" is broadcast live on the East Coast, so supposedly, this was happening in real time.

- The area where Will got into the limo that was to take him to Dreamworks is the back of the soundstage the show is filmed on, which doesn't have any sort of exit. You can see the limo start to drive, and then roll to a stop about 10 seconds later right before they cut to commercial.

- Even more ridiculous is Will driving RIGHT THEN to start his job at Dreamworks/meet Steven Spielberg, which happened after the three minute commercial break. "On the Lot" is filmed at CBS Studios... Which is at least 30 minutes away from Dreamworks.

I'm not so naive as to think that real-time TV is filmed in actual real-time (it's not), but here's the annoying thing: You just won a million dollars, and your dream job of directing a feature film. So what do you do? Get into a fake limo and fake drive somewhere. Better than that, what better way to spend your week worrying about whether you won, than taking a day to pre-tape a fake greeting with Steven Spielberg congratulating you on winning, then watching two other guys taping the same exact greeting. Guh.


Spatula007 said...

I was totally shouting as the limo pulled out "They won't get far! AHAHA!" and the peeps I was with cracked up when the limo just STOPPEd right before the commercial.

I wonder if they made three winner videos with the Berg, or if Will knew beforehand... the filmmakers all seemed a bit "in the know" when the announcement was made... hmmm..

Either way, the last couple of episodes had plummeted (short film reruns?) and the finale didn't pull it outta the hole... looks like "On the lot 2007" was a one-trick pony... which trick? Play dead.

N K said...

Zack Lipovsky - You'll always be my lot I'm on.

N K said...

you'll always be my on the lot?

N K said...

You'll always be on my lot!

LiMousine said...

Yes, it was great event! Everybody were excited! And he looked very proud in this limo!

hummer limo said...

I expected final would be like this. And I'm glad that everybody liked such final.