Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Walk Hard

Oh man. I don't know if this has enough legs to support a whole movie, but almost every line in this trailer (at least for the first 3/4) is amazing:


Murchie said...

1000 fnehs to explicit and pedantic expositional recital of the current situation / movie reference / cultural trope as joke. It had a brief glorious window, but now, I fneh.

If you are going to parody or satirize something, you put your shoulder into it, you demonstrate some craft and insight, and you parody that thing. You don't just say "here is the thing I am parodying" and point at it.

It's the equivalent of breaking reality to point out a colleague's fuckup in an improv scene in order to get a one time laugh.

Lazy. Craftless. Strip-mining. Someone needs to spend some time in the dojo with Zucker-Abrams-Zucker or Weird Al.

I see a lot of good stuff in this parody - but I also see the explicit recital joke about 5x. That makes for 5000 fnehs, a tough pit to climb out of.

Jeff said...

I'm two-thirds in Colin's camp on this one. I really really like Tim Meadows' at the beginning, though, and I love John C. Reilly. Hm. Still unsure if I will shell out the twelve bucks.

Alex said...

I don't know... I'm more in Alex's camp. I agree that I like the trailer alot, not sure if it will pan out to be a movie, but given the pedigree, I'm certainly willing to give it a try.

Murchie said...

Good points - I think that Meadows is just on the right side of an invisible line; he brought some real sincerity and character to it that made it OK and may point the way towards the future of the pedantic exposition joke.

The others, fneh, and sure were a lot of them. The movie still has promise but the 5x usage there worries me a great deal.

/end academic masturbation

Fun point - Elvis there? Jack White. I kid you not.

missel said...

I think that, in addition to the other problems pointed out by Colin, there's one more big thing that's wrong here:

I realize that this is a parody of "Walk the Line," a movie which I actually thought was pretty decent. Regardless of what you think about the movie, though, it's a movie about Johnny Cash, who was awesome. So in some sense this movie is sort of making fun of Johnny Cash, which is, uh, dumb.

"Spinal Tap" makes fun of documentaries, for sure, but a lot of the jokes are on heavy metal music itself, a genre which is, on the whole, pretty ridiculous and ripe for parody. One reason (of many) that "The Rutles" isn't as good as "Spinal Tap" is that the Beatles were a good band; a parody of a documentary about them can makes a lot of jokes about their personalities, drug problems, etc., but not really their music. This movie will presumably have some original (parody) songs, but they'll be parodies of songs which are actually good, which makes them not as funny as "Big Bottom," "Stonehenge," etc.

Someone needs to make a parody of "The Doors." Oh wait: "The Doors" IS a parody of "The Doors."