Wednesday, August 01, 2007

There's No Such Thing As a Free iPod

Yes, I've had my meals provided for me for the past few days.

Sure, I've been put up in a swanky hotel.

Aye, I've hobnobbed with stars and had my every waking hour programmed with non-stop fun.

But what, no free iPod? I mean, the event is about Ford and On The Lot, so you'd think the iPods would be flowing like water, as iPods are... related... somehow... maybe... in my mind... at least... i would like an iPod... is the thing...

What a disaster, am I right? Can you imagine? Not getting a free iPod? For no reason?

For shame, Ford. For shame.


Anonymous said...

There is an iPod pictured in the Ford Escape Flashvertisement.
"See The Cure"-->Technology-->4/4
"Audio Input Jack"

Cool. I didn't have an audio input jack before (frankly, never heard of such a thing!), so I've just put down $5K on a new Ford Escape to get one! Thanks, Elephant Larry!

Anonymous said...

Oh my God!

I, too, love to spontaneously use the word flashvertisement (frankly, they're the best!) and give people detailed directions through the Ford website!

Let's date!

Alex said...

But... You're both anonymous. How will you ever find each other?