Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Questions Not Asked

As part of our blog-venture, we got to attend a taping of "On The Lot," and chat with the judges afterwards. Things I did not ask them:

Gary Ross: Why did you make Pleasentville so that, every time it's on, my girlfriend has to watch it?

Penny Marshall: What's up with "A League of Their Own Too?*"

Carrie Fisher: I was at Comic-Con this weekend... How does it make you feel that there were at least a dozen girls walking around in the Slave Leia costume?
For the last one, I didn't need to ask it, because someone else did. Apparently, she doesn't think about it much, but likes the fact that people like the movie. She won't dress in any of the costumes herself, because she considers it the equivalent of "Fan Lapdancing."

And there's your news for the day.

*I really think she should make an updated version, but with all girl hackerz, and call it "A League of Their P0wned." Or maybe "A Haxx0r of Ther P0wned." Or "Teh Haxx0rs."


marni said...

oh, pleasantville. how i love thee. joan allen is the best. and tobey "pre-spider-man" mcguire? so soulful! deus ex don knotts? how many times to you think i can fit pleasantville on the tivo before it's full? seventeen?