Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Worst Sound-Alikes Ever?

Sound-alikes are a pretty unfortunate musical phenomenon on the whole; however, there's still a possible range of quality, even if the entire medium is kinda soul-sucking. I've had to do them before, and I feel like the best way to go is to make the changes very intentional and clear. I expect that audiences are intelligent and they're going to know it's not the same song, so your sound-alike might as well be saying, "I was hired to produce a song that sounds like this other famous song. I know I can't do it the exact same way those other guys did, so here's something that sounds pretty close but works more or less on its own."

This movie trailer contains some great examples of how to NOT do that. It's incredibly bad. The sound-alikes come off as though someone was trying to play Under Pressure and Bittersweet Symphony, but kept making mistakes. The mistakes almost sound like Guitar Hero mistakes. Awful.

Also - why would anyone want to continue using those 2 songs in trailers?! Come on, Ad Agency.

(I think the other 2 songs in the trailer are also sound-alikes, but they are mercifully masked by dialogue.)


Jordi said...


The other two songs are sound-a-likes of Iggy Pop's "The Passenger" and Devo's version of "Satisfaction". And the movie looks like a movie-a-like of some kind of "Running With Scissors/Eccentric Rich Kid With Crazy Mom" flick.

Can I get a job with you as a Sound-a-Like decoder?



It's kind of my calling.

christopher said...

"Once Around The Block" by Badly Drawn Boy, maybe?

I like how this movie's trying to pass for "indie" when it's really just cheap looking.

Ted said...

It's also a movie that's been sitting on the shelf for a wee bit too long. Always a good sign.

I saw this trailer this morning and thought the EXACT same thing as you, Jeff.

Did everyone survive Brooklyn Apocalypse '07 today?

K said...

It doesn't help that the "film" looks like serious horse-lather. And those "sound-alikes" are so egregiously terrible, it's like everyone working on/approving the trailer turned temporarily deaf and dumb (stupid, not mute).