Thursday, August 09, 2007

Daddy Day Camp

Okay, so here's my problem with Daddy Day Camp (well, one of my problems):

I kind of can't believe that I'm using this as a point, but let's take Daddy Day Care. As flimsy a premise it had, it at least had a premise, which was hard working dads who don't know how to take care of kids open up a day care center. Not hilarious, or, you know, good, but at least it had an idea.

The sequel idea is to take dads, and have them run a day camp. Which is, you know, what day camp already is. So the idea of the movie is to just show dads doing a job they often do anyway. Awesome.

Possible future ideas for "Daddy" sequels:

Daddy Day Doctor - They're daddies who are doctors... During the day!
Daddy Day Daddy - Daddies who become daddies during the day! Unbelievable!
Duh Duh Duh - Duh buh wuh guh. Guh! Guh buh wuh!

And just because I'll never find another context for these, here are some other spin-off ideas:
Daddy Death Camp - Daddies end up taking over a death camp! This one can take place at night, possibly.
Daddy Eclair - Eddie Murphy and Jeff Garlin return, and are ground up into a delightful dessert!

Anyway, the movie looks like a piece of crap, and they should all be ashamed of themselves.


Ted said...

My favorite part of the entire ad campaign is the assheaded non-bragging-right that this movie is from "The Same Studio That Brought You Daddy Day Care".

This means that not a single person that worked on the first one came back...well, y'know, except the studio.

Why not just use "From The Film Industry That Brought You Star Wars & Citizen Cane"

And what's the deal with those tiny peanut bags on planes?!


(Runs away)

mjs said...

if daddy day care doesn't do well, i may not be able to afford any of the "food", "shelter" or "air conditioning" that i have grown to depend on. please now all cheer for the success of daddy day care and any subsequent movies in this brilliant, brilliant series.

jake said...

Daddy Death Cab For Cutie

...that's all i got.

Marci B. said...

Um, let's see...

Daddy Day Bed - Daddies sporadically rearrange the pillows on a day bed for approximately 90 minutes - is it a couch? is it a bed? oh, the suspense is killing me!

I wish you luck on Monday night - I will definitely try to make it :) UCB is one of my favorite theatres!

Abbi said...

You made "Daddy Day Camp" a label at the end of the post--helping bloggers view other posts about Daddy Day Camp you have coming up. Sounds like you know more about a sequel than you're letting on.

Day-dee Dad Camp.

Alex said...

I don't want to wreck this news for anyone, but let's just say that Chris and Stefan MAY be writing DDC3.