Friday, September 14, 2007

Reviews of Three New NBC Shows

Journeyman: Bad, but good.

Bionic Woman: Good, but bad.

Chuck: Bad, but bad.


Anonymous said...

"Everyone" seems to be very "excited" about Chuck, but every clip I've seen has been god "awful".

Not interested in the Quantum Leap rip-off.

Might you elaborate on Bionic Woman?

Alex said...

Bionic Woman: Very well done, good pilot structure (seeds a plot-line for every single character, as well as setting up the idea of the series); but Michelle Ryan is trying to do an American accent so hard she can't quite act; and the whole thing is too quick (should have been a 2 hour pilot), and kind of boring.

I think giving the characters and plots a little more room to breathe , and taking the serious tone down a notch will help. It may be a better series, it's just not fun to watch.

Journeyman? Fun to watch.

K said...

But I feel like "nowadays," there is probably a lot of pressure on writers/whoever to pack a lot in early to "hook" viewers as early as possible since shows can be and routinely are cancelled after, like, 1 to 3 episodes. So, that's probably why BW, and most new shows of the last 2 years seem so..."packed?" Thanks to, you know, THE INTERNET and all.