Friday, October 19, 2007

The Cable Guy

Just out of curiousity, does anyone have a GOOD story about their cable company? Like "They made an appointment between 10 and 2, showed up at 10, solved my problem immediately, in a way I could not have solved it myself*, and now me and the cable guy are best friends!"

Just curious.

*i.e., not just cycling the power and telling you the box is fixed.


Molly said...

Was this post in response to the Washington Post article about my new hero?

Jordi said...

Well since you asked...I had just gotten married and was settling into my new role as a housewife when Ted had to go away on business (again!) It was a hot day. The cable guy was due to come by around 10 or 2P. Our house had just been robbed recently by vintage clothing poachers, so I had nothing to wear but a towel (oh well!) All of a sudden, I had an intense craving for pizza, so I called up the pizza guy so I could have something to eat while waiting for the cable guy. After I ordered, The 20 year-old British boy in a band who lives down the street came by to apologise for his loud precision-tight World Class drumming.

Three hours later, the cable guy, the pizza guy, Nigel Upton-Soames and myself were STILL playing Boggle, watching "Ice Castles", making crank-calls, eating pizza and listening to bootleg Keith Moon drum solos.

Boggle said...

Take THAT, Libido!