Sunday, October 07, 2007

How I Know I've Moved to Brooklyn, Part 4

The amount of strollers I now see on a daily basis is out of control.

For those of you who haven't been to Park Slope, you'll probably think I'm exaggerating, or joking, but I'm really not. On any given block, I'll see somewhere between 4 and 5 strollers, usually with a mom or dad behind each*. If there's a mother behind the stroller, she's usually power walking. If there's a father behind the stroller, he's invariably talking on his cell phone.

Last night, around 11:30pm, I saw a crowd of three people with strollers walking with two other women, both of whom were pregnant. Ten feet behind them was another group that only had ONE stroller, and ONE pregnant woman**.

At 11:30 at night! Your babies are tired! Take them home!

A week ago, I saw a father wheeling two entirely different strollers down the block, while talking on his cell phone. Marni suggested that maybe he was talking to his other baby.

And you know what the weirdest part about all this is? No kids. I see: adults w/o babies; adults carrying babies; or adults wheeling strollers. But I have yet to see any children walking with their parents. So I'm assuming that as soon as the children grow too old to ride in strollers, they either:

A) Are eaten by their parents, who then have new babies.

B) Instantly grow to the size of adults, and then have babies of their own.

In any case, this whole stroller thing is creeping me out.

*I just realized, in retrospect, what a weird statement this is. "Usually with a mom or dad behind each" seems to imply that occasionally, there are strollers tooling around the street without any parents behind them. This is not true, although I wouldn't be completely shocked if I did see a bunch of babies free-wheeling it down 5th Ave.

**How lame, right? GET MORE STROLLERS, LADIES!