Friday, October 12, 2007

Pushing Daisies

Oh man, the pilot for this show is really, really good. Like, super good. I was worried it was going to be annoyingly whimsical, and it is whimsical, but somehow not annoyingly so.

It's like it was made by a super happy Tim Burton; so it has the right kind of dark humor, while still being ultimately positive and sweet.

And the leads are wonderful. I think it's one of only things I can think of, ever, where you're told "These two people are meant for each other," and it actually seems like, not only are they meant for each other, but you desperately want them to get together.


I haven't seen the second episode yet; if it can even remotely hold up the tone, and excellent structure of the first, I will probably give up writing forever, because Pushing Daisies has won.

There was nothing snarky or mean or, you know, funny, about this post. I just wanted to let you know that this show had a wonderful pilot. The end!


Average Jane said...

I'm loving the show, too, but I'm worried that it's too quirky to survive.

Ted said...

It's not on Fox, so it may stand a chance. I loved the pilot as well, but I've actually considered not following it so that I avoid the eventual disappointment of it's cancellation.

I still haven't forgiven Fox for Firefly and Drive, or the gawddamn WB for dumping Angel during the most successful season of all of the Buffyverse.

(Also, let me put out a pre-emptive "Shut up Dusty.")

nowpicnic said...

Oh man, I just watched the pilot. (info on downloading it is here: )

It's too good! It can only get worse, right?

Alex said...

Sweet! Thanks for the tip... I wanted to show mah lahdee the pie-lette, but didn't want to sit through ABC's player again :)

K said...

WAIT, YES!!!! It was an excellent pilot. The second episode was not as good, but still good. I thought I was alone on this one. IRONY HAS KILLED OUR SPIRITS.