Friday, November 16, 2007

Holy cow I'm terrified

Since I'm a Rhapsody subscriber, and morbidly curious, I just cued up a couple of tracks from Dane Cook's new live record. I won't hyperlink the record, 'cause, ya know, why I would promote that.

Holy god. The live audience in Madison Square Garden sounds like a 50,000-strong chorus of swirling banshees. They hoot, laugh, whistle and applaud almost non-stop throughout the entire concert, in rhythms that don't even seem concordant with Mr. Cook's material. Or maybe it's just the sound bouncing off MSG's walls slowing it down.

At any rate, it's horrifying. It sounds like the stand-up comic from hell giving a stand-up performance in hell.


Heather said...

I just saw Dane Cook live in San Jose with my little brother and I have to say he was hilarious. The good news is that if you HAVE heard the live recording the jokes are going to be different if you see him live.