Wednesday, December 19, 2007


Sean Kingston hates you, and wants you dead.


Single #1: "Beautiful Girls"
Plot of Song: Beautiful girls are mean and make Sean want to commit suicide.
Sample Verse:
You're way too beautiful girl
That's why it'll never work
You'll have me suicidal, suicidal
When you say it's over
Damn all these beautiful girls
They only wanna do your dirt
They'll have you suicidal, suicidal
When they say it's over

Conclusion: Sean Kingston hates you

Single #2: "Take You There"
Plot of Song: Sean can take you on a trip, wherever you want. Possibly Paradise, but more likely, the slums, where people are constantly getting killed. Up to you, really. Your choice. Can Sean tell you a few more details about how dangerous the slums are?
Sample Verse:
Baby girl I know it's rough but come wit me
We can take a trip to the hood
It's no problem girl it's my city
I could take you there
Little kid wit guns only 15
Roamin' the streets up to no good
When gun shots just watch us, run quickly
I could show you where

Conclusion: Sean Kingston wants you dead