Sunday, January 27, 2008


Not to turn this into a movie review blog, but I will if I have to:

"Once" is excellent.

I don't even really want to tell you anything about it, other than you should go see it because it's a beautiful, simple, heart-breaking (in a good way) movie that should be seen by everybody.

And the "I don't even really want to tell you anything" is not because there are shocking twists and turns, it's just that no description I read or heard beforehand did it justice. If you see "Once" playing somewhere near you, or on DVD, see it ASAP.


K said...

Excellent excellent excellent movie. Reportedly, Cillian Murphy of "28 Days Later" was set to star instead of Glen Hansard, but pulled out because he didn't approve of the casting choice of the female lead. Interesting.

cory nealy said...

Within the first 5 minutes of watching this my fiancé turned to me and said "I can already declare this my favorite movie ever"