Wednesday, January 16, 2008

The Wire 1-5

The five themes of The Wire, Way Down in the Hole by Tom Waits.

Season One is my favorite, Season Two is the original, Season Three feels the most like what it's going to cover, Season Four was done by kids since the season is about education and Season Five is happening now.


Tom Traubert said...

the only one sung by Tom wiats is the seocnd season...

John said...

This is unfair since he wrote the song, and he also seems like a sweet guy, but season 2 is far and away my least favorite. I just don't like Waits' circus growl. Wasn't too pumped on season 5 either (sung by steve earle, who also plays Bubble's wise and scraggly AA sponsor on the show) but it's growing on me a bit.

Conclusions: I don't like white, male singers too much and the wire is the best tv show that ever existed.

I also just watched episode 4 of season 5 On Demand last night. HOLY SHIT.