Sunday, February 24, 2008

Live Blogging Not Watching The Oscars

Every year, I don't watch the Oscars. I don't follow the pre-Oscars hype, and I definitely don't love the pre-Oscars red carpet shows. So I thought this year, why not live blog not watching the oscars? I'm going to keep an as up to date blog as possible, detailing all the excitement of the night.

So grab a can of soup or whatever you're having with dinner, turn that TV off, and let's get ready to blog!

6:36pm: I'm starting to get pretty excited, actually. I've booted up my external hard drive, and am deep into editing an Elephant Larry project. So far, I've seen Geoff, Jeff, Chris, Stefan, and a couple of surprising guest stars. Wasn't crazy about what Stefan was wearing, but then, Stefan always wears crazy stuff.

6:44pm: Just started micro-waving a tupperware full of pasta for dinner. Only six minutes to go... The anticipation is killing me!

6:50pm: Oh my god, I love this pasta. So excited about it. If you're not already, turn on the microwave and microwave some pasta! It's really getting pretty exciting.

7:09pm: Still video editing. Yawn! Let's have something fun happen already.

7:34pm: I'm taking a break with the video editing, so I flipped over to my news feeder. There are so many blog posts there! It's really incredible that there can be so many amazing posts in one place. And, you have a great mix of new blog and old blog. I like seeing the old blogs, myself... There was just so much class and grace back when they were first posting.

8:02pm: Oh man, less than half an hour to go now. I'm actually getting a little giddy, but in about 28 minutes... It's going to be 8:30pm. Holy sh*t, I can't wait. That's my favorite time in all of the day.

8:16pm: It's getting down to the wire for the betting pool. So what do you guys think I should put all the chips in for: Am I going to have dessert tonight, or not?

8:32pm: It's finally time! 8:30! I'm still doing some writing work, but just wanted to note down how awesome it is that it's finally 8:30.

8:42pm: I decided to reverse the updates in this post from least recent at the top, to most recent at the bottom, as, I think, in retrospect it'll read better. For those of you who just started reading this live blog, originally the posts at the top were the most recent, but not anymore.

8:43pm: Boy, I can hardly concentrate on writing and video editing, with all the updating I'm doing on this live blog! I'm going to sign off for a little bit, so I can really concentrate on the show. FYI, I refer to work I do as "The Show."

9:24pm: Just watched this video, and I got to tell you, I don't think that little diva is even playing his guitar. Also I can also just hear him say "I want a red car AND blue car on stage, or I DON'T PLAY!" Unbelievable.

9:45pm: I thought this was going to be exciting, but it's more of the same. Writing. Video Editing. Writing. Video Editing. Can't we ever come up with something new? Every year... Sigh.

11:10pm: Man, this has been going on for, like, five hours. The work I'm doing, I mean.

11:45pm: Dammit... I really wanted There Will Be Blood to win. Oh well.

That's it for this years Live Blog of not watching the Oscars. Hopefully you guys enjoyed it enough that I will continue to not watch the Oscars and live blog about not watching them next year. See you next time!


Doug Cress said...



mind the gap said...

Jack seems to be on coke. Colin Farrell is a hottie. Jon Stewart is disappointing so far, though, so you are not missing much there. Btw, what did you make of Francis Ford Coppola's Youth Without Youth? It hasn't gotten much play, but it's a more engaging film than many of those being given awards tonight. Here's an interesting discussion of the film.

missel said...


Look, I enjoyed "Juno," but there is NO WAY IN HELL Diablo Cody should have won anything for that uneven script. I can't believe someone responsible for the dialogue in the first five minutes of that movie won an award for WRITING.

Also, how was Jonny Greenwood not nominated for the score for "There Will Be Blood"? I know Radiohead are a bunch of self-important asses, but that shouldn't be held against Greenwood; that score was amazing.

Jago said...

I heard the reason Greenwood wasn't nominated for an Oscar was because it wasn't all-original content. Apparently some of the music he had written before he did the score.