Thursday, February 28, 2008

The Modern Materialist

Peep-Holes: I have managed to turn my love of shiny objects into a gig writing for's newest blog, The Modern Materialist. So far, this is not getting me free shiny objects. However, it will soon, if I can get your help:

1) Please add the blog (if you like it) to your blog roll, blog reader, or if you have no idea what those two things are, just check it a million times a day. If you like to buy things with your money, or if you like to laugh at the idea that people would be interested in buying things with their money, then this is the blog for you.

2) If you have a gadget or gizmo or thing that goes whir, whether it's a basic item, a link you find, or something totally ludicrous, then post a comment on this post, and I'll check it out.

3) Tell your friends!

4) If you work for a company that would like to promote their product, as long as it is purchasable at some point, and exists in the physical world (meaning: no ghosts, or software), let me know, and I will plug it for you.

Okay, back to work everybody.