Tuesday, February 26, 2008

True Life

I kind of love MTV's True Life, at least when it doesn't get into a five hour marathon of non-stop human misery. For those of you who haven't watched the show, essentially a camera follows around three people from a sub section of the population, and show a small period of their lives. It's pretty much pure documentary, and it's usually pretty great. As an example, you can have "True Life: I'm Autistic," followed by "True Life: I'm a Genius." (Both good episodes, btw)

There's also been "True Life: I'm From Staten Island," and "True Life: I'm From the Jersey Shore," which were surprisingly very different (apologies to Patrick Haggerty, but not Ian or Tristan, and especially not Geoff. Maybe Chelsea. Don't know.)

What I would like to see is more vague True Lifes like those:

True Life: I'm Soooo Annoying

True Life: I Have Two Human Feet

True Life: I'm a Murderous Slice of Pizza

There's actually a True Life episode that Elephant Larry has wanted to do for a long time... You'll never guess it, and we'll probably, sadly, never do a sketch about it. Oh well.


Ian H. said...

Now that's just not nice..
Stupid Staten Island always bringing us Haggerty's down

dusty said...

i also want to point out that i give MTV's True Life: I'm a Gamer" full credit for "the king of kong" becoming a movie. i remember when i saw this true life a few years ago, it ended with Billy Mitchell saying "i have something in the works that's gonna shock the world" (note: he did not say "video game world"....cuz he's THAT crazy). from that point on, i REALLY needed to know what this crazy sonnofabitch had in the works. 2 years later when i heard about 'king of kong' i had 2 thoughts: 1) YES!!!, and 2) whoever made this movie HAD to have watched the True Life doc and, and me, needed to know how billy was going to shock us...

so, thank you MTV True Life for providing the groundwork for a RAD movie