Friday, March 07, 2008

Lost Discussion: The Other Woman

Okay, I'll get this out of the way right now: I don't like them humanizing Ben. At all.

I was completely on board with the integration of The Others into the cast, as they remained totally in control and scary as heck. However, having Ben prance around (literally) talking about not letting the ham get too dry is a little much for me. And as funny as his last line was ("See you guys for dinner!"), the reading of the line was ridiculous.

That being said, things I liked about this ep:

- Continuing to twist around the plane crash scenes to reveal new info. Eventually, there's going to be a squirrel running by in the background we didn't notice before that will be integral to the story.

- Goodwin. I actually really appreciate that Lost has no problem giving what should/could have been one-off roles for actors new, and more complicated life.

- Locke is the biggest sucker in the entire world. Like, seriously. I really like to meet Locke in real life, because I think I could take him for all he's worth.

- Jack's multiple, "OH MY GOD, JUST TELL ME WHAT'S GOING ON!" type sentences. I'm glad the characters are now, officially, caught up to the audience in frustration with not knowing anything, and we're past the, "Guys! There's something crazy in the woods!" "That's cool, but I need to talk to Kate about our relationship."

- And on that note, anyone else think Kate's hair looked fabulous this episode?


- Widmore's the bad guy? Really? Are we supposed to be as sucker-ific as Locke?

- Two possibilities for the baby-killing properties of the island:

1) Okay, I'm a little concerned about this particular theory, as it seems vaguely viable. Working off last week's episode, babies conceived on the island, at a certain point, are affected by the time traveling properties, essentially, as soon as they become brain conscious. They then are stuck in a loop, traveling through time back and forth in the womb. Having no constant, they die. Can you tell that my concern with this theory has to do with the "brain conscious" thing?

2) Fountain of Youth/Time Freeze: I think this has been sort of said before, but if the island is some sort of Fountain of Youth that freezes people in time, and age, it could be responsible for the baby killin', as, at a certain point, when they get affected, they stop growing.

Neither of these theories address the "conceived off the island, you're fine" part of things.


Jerf said...

Definitely a step down from the last couple of weeks, but I'm ok w/that. No way they were going to hit the level of "The Constant" two weeks in a row.

I actually really liked the humor of seeing Ben nervous about a date.

Also, his reading of the line "You're mine" was freaking awesome.

Also, right after that, he walked up a hill rather goofily. It was cute.

Jordi (from the 'Oceanic 11') said...

I'm just glad to see Vincent still alive and people rubbing his tummy. Yellow Labs on the freaky island need love too.

Yes - episode felt like a boring recap episode after the excitement and danger of 'The Constant'...but it's still 'Lost' and it's still awesome.

May I ask this? WHAT'S THE POINT OF CLAIRE? Usually I'm the first one to cheer on my Aussie sisters in anything, but all she does is walk around with Aaron on her hip.

Which (come to think of it) I'll be doing fairly soon. But not with Aaron, with my baby.

After I have this baby, please don't let be become as boring as Claire.

Did you like how I found a way to mention my pregnancy?




K said...

I thought I was the only one who noticed just how goofily Ben walked up that hill.

I thought the episode had a lot of suspense; I'm surprised no one else felt the same. I also think Michael is Ben's man on the boat. Also, "See you at dinner" was hilarious.

Geoffrey said...

Jordi is pregnant!

- I don't like the humanizing of Ben either.
- I laughed at him preparing the ham anyway.

Cory Nealy said...

I'm literally kicking myself at the moment (OUCH!) for falling asleep halfway through last night's episode. Luckily I can catch the enhanced rerun version next week.

Anyways...look at this: