Monday, March 10, 2008

Monday Morning Poll: Dollars & Minutes

First off, votes are in on our Lenny Kravitz poll. I'm going to leave the poll up in the sidebar until next week, but let's just say that the results are conclusive: most people are liars.

Now, onto today's poll... Last night, during a marathon writing/reading session, we were discussing the following phrase we made up:

"A Minute Is Longer Than a Dollar is Much"

Which I personally think is true (not to color your perception). I'd like to see if we could enter a new phrase into the popular lexicon, but the question becomes, is the above true, or is it:

"A Dollar is More Than a Minute Is Long"

Vote your hearts, people.

Side discussion... Conversely, I believe that:

"A Penny is More Than a Second is Long"


"A Second is Longer Than a Penny is Much"

What do you guys think?


Jacob said...

dollar=100 of something

minute=60 of something