Friday, May 16, 2008

Last Night's Lost


Lost is almost impossibly good. Seriously. Things that are amazing:

- Lost is never better than when it's gearing up for a season finale. Last night was the first third of the season finale. It was amazing.

- The hero montage at the end nearly made me crap my pants and cry and scream for joy, all at the same time. Bully to the composer for consistently creating the best themes on TV.

- Ben's "Are you crazy" look to Locke.

- Batmanuel showing up, and being such a surprise... Even though there's zero reason it should have been a surprise.

- That scene with Claire's Mom, and Jack's silent reaction.

- The press not being retarded.

- Admiral Kane!!!

What did you guys think? Predictions for the season finale (in two frakking weeks)? Personally... I'm really, really worried for Desmond, Jin, and Michael; though I know that's exactly where they want me to be.


Ted said...

Has anybody ever noticed that the Oceanic logo looks a lot like the Eye Of Jupiter?

Jordi said...

Batmanuel - hahaha! I forgot he was in The Tick. Nice, Alex.

timbot said...

Now I am never going to stop thinking of Batmanuel when I look at Halpert. Totally ruins the suspension of disbelief.