Monday, May 05, 2008


Is anyone else watching this? Am I wrong in saying it's the best show on Adult Swim right now? I don't think so?

The episode on last night (Fashion Disaster) was frakking hilarious, and totally, totally awesome. I wish there was a clip online of the scene in the supermarket, where the band Dethklok discusses going on a diet*, but since that's not, here's the opening clip, which might be considered TAFW (Too Awesome For Work):

*Ending with the band-leader summing it up thusly:

"So, let me get this straight... We'll have one big meal right before bed, and also, we can have some bread, sometimes, because we're not Nazis, and during the day, all the popsicles we can eat?"


mary said...

dude - this show is totally amazing. it's from the creator of my other favorite show, that's no longer on adult swim but is also amazing - Home Movies. AND it's Metal! best. show. ever.