Monday, July 14, 2008

Let's Go Jungle!

After a second viewing of Wall-E, Mary Burke and I went across the street to Dave and Busters to use up what we had left of, in total, seven Dave and Busters cards we had accrued over the years. We shot some bears, wolves, alligators and sharks in "Extreme Hunting 2," which sucked. We engaged in a bit of a Time Crisis. We popped a shot. We "slammed the jackpot", which is impossible to describe and not worth it.

Then we consolidated our seven cards into one and had just enough left to play a game called "Let's Go Jungle." Much to our surprise, we started playing THE BEST ARCADE GAME OF ALL TIME.

Not positive if you can tell from the video, but each player controls their own GATLING GUN with infinite ammo and you basically just blast giant tarantulas and dragon flies as hard as you can. You also need to accomplish car turns by slamming the guns to the left, to the right and even down as fast as you can. Does that make sense? No. But it's awesome!

Other reasons this is the best arcade game ever:

- the voice acting is delightfully atrocious... you play as Ben and Norah, a couple who is getting over problems in their relationship by, what else? Going on a jungle safari. Of course, Mary played Ben and I played Norah.

- it's called Let's Go Jungle!, making it the only video game title that is a suggestion to play itself.

- at the Game Over screen, the game gives you a compatibility score, clearly intended for players who are romantically involved. It shows a horribly awkward scene of Ben and Norah chasing each other around, ending with Ben playfully hugging Norah from behind with a huge heart graphic behind them. I have no idea what this actually measures, but it is a brilliant idea. Mary and I scored a 73%, which was deemed "Lovers, as far as appearances. Now show how you feel!", clearly indicating that Mary and I should kiss. We did of course, and subsequently fell in love and got married. All thanks to Let's Go Jungle!


marybee. i mean, ben said...

i love you norah!