Monday, September 15, 2008

Hadron vs. Hardon

So I was in my elevator the other day, minding my own business and reading tidbit fun facts on the Captivate Network. The Captivate Network is a little television in the elevator that entertains you for the twenty or so seconds it takes to ride an elevator, while insisting that you are a Captive.

On this day, the Captivate Network was telling me about the Large Hardon Collider and how it just began its mission and then I backtrack for a second and re-read it. Hardon Collider? Is that really what it's been called this entire time, I ask myself? No, I'm pretty sure it should be Hadron. And they accidentally wrote Hardon as in hard-on. That is hilarious. I told Chris about it and he agreed.

This is apparently a prevalent problem.

And here.


j said...

vs. Haren vs. Harden

Anonymous said...

I'm glad that, of all things, the first post we get in 2.5 weeks is that.

Ted said...

It's only because they've been working on their fast-tracked HBO pilot for the past 3 weeks, so cut them some slack.

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Alex said...

HEY. We've been working on our LIVES.

Actually, I have. The other guys have no excuse.

K said...

More posts, hard-ons.