Friday, September 19, 2008

The Stadium

Tonight will be the last time I ever go to a Yankee game at Yankee Stadium.


Personal Top 9ine Moments at the Stadium:

9) Watching the Red Sox play the Orioles on the big screen during a 1996 rain delay and, get this, ROOTING for the Red Sox. And the Red Sox won! Yay Red Sox!

8) That game where it was really hot and Irabu pitched ok against the Indians. I didn't say they would all be good Moments.

7) Five walk-off homers that weren't #1 or #3: Darryl, Tino, Bernie, Big G and Melky.

6) Sitting through 17 innings of misery as the Yankees COULDN'T SCORE AGAINST THE TIGERS... and then staying for the second half of the doubleheader. That started at 10:40pm.

5) Milestones: Derek Jeter's first game at the Stadium, Don Mattingly's last game at the Stadium, Roger Clemens' 300th W and 4000th K (yuck in retrospect), Bernie Williams 2000th hit, Derek Jeter's Stadium record hit this past Tuesday.

4) Getting so excited over the Yankees beating the Mariners in an April 1997 ballgame that I passed out in the bleachers... well not quite out. I just got a tremendous pain in my noggin and was lying down on the blue metal seats for about give minutes before we finally left. Teenaged Geoff liked the Yankees.

3) The game where the Yankees were losing 8-0 and won. Jorge Posada blocked the plate and hit a homer to do it.

2) The game where the Yankees were losing 8-0 and ALMOST won. Set a personal record for heckling in one game, mainly targeted at the White Sox bullpen, even during a one hour rain delay. Then ragging on White Sox reliever Kelly Wunsch (It's Wunsch-time! Pretty mean, huh?) as he was warming up so hard that he gave up a bases loaded double to Bernie Williams and a single to Tino Martinez. We still lost 10-9 though. Chris was there.

1) Jim Leyritz 1995 - Holy guacamole.*



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I'm a little upset that the Randy Choate incident didn't make it. Not many times we can tell Randy Choate we wore 58 in little league cause we wanted to be like him..Then Dad went and told us we were making fun of him...good times.