Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Cookie Puss

I remember seeing Porcupine Racetrack for the first time as a teenager. Not laughing, just watching intently, all the time thinking, 'This might be the funniest, most wonderful thing I have ever seen'. The State performed it this weekend as an encore to their reunion show at the SF Sketchfest, and I'm still smiling.

Here's the scene they closed with. It was filmed at UCB LA last year, and contains one of my favorite sketch lines ever.


K said...

I really thought I was the only person in the world who loved Porcupine Racetrack.

Also, the way Kevin Allison delivers his lines is pretty great, among other aspects of that sketch.

Allen Strickland Williams said...

I went to a "Tom Lennon and friends" show at the Largo a few weeks back and there was a secret password to get two-for-one tickets. That password? Porcupine Racetrack.