Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Top 7 with Stacy

I'm pretty excited. In just about two days, I'll be down in Walt Disney World with Biz, my wife, and Elephant Larry friend Baz from Chicago (another Disney theme park enthusiast). We're going to walk into our hotel room at the Polynesian Resort, switch on the TV, and be greeted with THIS:

Notable: at 3:00 she claims that Animal Kingdom's Africa is "a lot like the real Africa, but without all the malaria shots and stuff." Yes, but plus all kinds of families entirely dressed in oversized tank tops.

I don't expect many of you to make it all the way through, though you should get a taste of it. As Biz says, this girl is the definition of "too much." And it's true. She is the living embodiment of what it's like to be at a drama party at 2 in the morning, where there are only shrieky girls left who just want to put on Madonna's Immaculate Collection and DANCE. And though this is a strung together clips version of the Top 7 Things to See at Walt Disney World Hosted By Stacy Aswad, the whole thing is just about this hyper.

Won't stop us from watching it at least twice, but holy cow.


Ted said...

Stop making me feel like I hate everything.