Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day

So I know that this isn't a political blog of any sort or stripe, but there's something weird to me about how the GOP uses humor. There's this smug, assholish vibe about it all, like it can't get over how funny it is.

That certainly extends to this official RNC Valentine's Day effort, It's certainly not helped by the amateurish photoshopping, the oversized font, and varying levels of attempts at "humor." Take, for example, this valentine, where the word "meet" is recast in a romantic context, which is totally reasonable:

But then there's this one, which assumes some sort of Obama-Guantanamo link, as if he invented the place:

Even if he had created Gitmo, there's really no effort being made here, just putting "romantic" and "Guantanamo" in the same sentence. At least say "I'd like to indefinitely detain you" or something.

And then there's this final example, where they don't even TRY to make a joke:



Anonymous said...

Surprised you didn't play the race card too. After all, God forbid anyone critique our new liberal-in-chief.

Stefan said...

Eh, it's more like I'm objecting to the RNC bein' all amateur hour. You wanna be funny? Try writing some actual jokes, RNC.