Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Come on, Whole Foods.

I'm obsessed with cooking. I love seafood. I butcher my own fish all the time. There's nothing remotely gross about the sight of a whole, deceased fish to me.

But is this seafood display really necessary? (I've hidden this in a link rather than embedded it so as to not subject the unwilling. Buyer beware.)

FYI, I snapped this picture at the Whole Foods where they shot Top Chef this season. Thanks to Bravo for choosing not to include footage of this kinda crap. I sometimes eat while watching Top Chef.

UPDATE: Thanks to SE:NY for the link! You guys rule.

UPDATE: And Grub Street!


Anonymous said...

Ha! I, too, took a picture of this when I saw it at Whole Foods last week! Glad I wasn't the only one surprised by it. Offensive or not, it's just in poor taste.

Anonymous said...

You're both pussies

Anonymous said...

What F Dakar said..... ;-)

Karen said...

Sorry, am I just missing something? What are you objecting to? It's a fish eating another fish. So?

Fish eat other fish, right?

There's no blood, there's no gore, there's no guts. There's just one fish in another fish's mouth.

Unless I'm being naive? Enlighten me, because I don't get it!

Anonymous said...

What's the BFD...?

Brad said...

Of all the things for people to get upset about... wow.

Grow a pair, man.