Monday, March 23, 2009

Con Air Viewing Party

As some of you (hopefully all of you) know, Elephant Larry's spring show will be entirely about the 1997 Jerry Bruckheimer blockbuster "Con Air" which occupies a very special place in Elephant Larry's heart. Meaning that we've all seen it about 15 times or so. But you probably haven't!

So to rectify this problem, we're throwing a Con Air Viewing Party, this Saturday at my (Stefan's) house. There will two limited edition Con Air posters for the first fifty guests, plus we will be serving prison wine. Yum!

Here are the details:

Con Air Viewing Party @ 8PM
Stefan's Place
321 7th St. (between 4th & 5th avenues - it's the apartment under the stairs)
Closest trains: F to 4th Avenue, or the M/R to 9th St.
Any questions, call me at 917.579.8437!

And remember, they were dangerous on the ground. Now they have wings.


Mike said...

If you were in Manhattan, I would be there in a heartbeat (having never seen the film, and enjoying you guys far too much), but maaaaaaaaaaaaan... Brooklyn? Getting there from Jersey is such a sonofabitch. Of course, I might attend anyway, as I haven't seen you guys since you last performed at Brandeis circa three years ago, and by the time you have another show after this one, I'll be back in Boston. I think my point is: Fuck you, geography.