Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Swing and a miss

Don impersonators make me sad.

The announcer for this movie trailer does not have an easy job. The dialogue he was given to read is awful and it seems to spoil the entire plot of the film. But he gets through it as best he can...

...until the end. It sucks for him that his last sentence ends on the words "sleep dealer" and then he has to say "sleep dealer" one more time right after that. But boy oh boy, that last "sleep dealer" is not good. He almost sounds like he's announcing the name of a romantic comedy or dog movie.

Related: Every announcer that does British movies is TERRIBLE.


jerf said...

More evidence! This one's even worse:


Murchie said...

A few year back my wife noticed that all the editing on otherwise high-production-value BBC shows was eff terrible - terribly timed, iffy jump cuts. She started watching the credits and found they were - all - the same woman.