Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Drag Me To Hell Trailer

I've enjoyed the trailers I've seen for this Summer's movies. Wolverine looks big and stupid and fun. I've really enjoyed the Star Trek trailers, and love the concept of the movie. Up is, I've been told, a documentary about me when I'm an old man, but with my current personality.

But none of them have given me that jump-up-in-your-seat, giddy, "I want to watch this again right now," thrill that the above trailer did.

I didn't realize the real Sam Raimi had gone anywhere, until we got him back.


Ted said...

I watched this last night and had the very same reaction, Alex. And there was something kind of tingly and awesome about them including both Spider-Man AND the Evil Dead Trilogy in Raimi's list of qualifying credentials. Like a reminder that, yes, he made these HUGE blockbuster films, but before that, he was one of us. Welcome home, Sam. (I say that, because I'm positive he reads this blog.)