Sunday, January 30, 2005

Coach Carter

First you have to allow for the fact that I enjoy all movies in the Rags to Riches-sports genre. So I enjoyed more of this movie than was reasonable.

That said, it was way too long. At one point I thought "Hey, that was a solid flick" and then it kept going for 45 minutes. The weird part of it being so long was that they seemed to do some of the same things over and over to pad for time. Like, ya know that part in all movies like this where a guy ditches and then comes back to the team? Well, that happened three times. Twice it was the same guy.

This repetition did produce one unintentionally hilarious scene where the community looks to fire Coach Carter, and it's basically just a cycle of:

1) Someone says something incendiary
2) The entire room starts murmuring ascent
3) The chairwoman slams her gavel and calls for order
4) Two teammates watching from the back glance at each other nervously

over and over, about six times in total. It was ridiculous.

I just spent way too much time talking about this movie.