Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Delicious Library

This product is a combination of things I don't have, with things I don't need, and yet...

Delicious Library

Its an app. for the Mac that utilizes your iSight camera as a bar-scan reader. It then coordinates with Amazon.com to catalogue your entire media library (CDs, DVDs, Books, Holographic Hentai Porn) to put together a cute little iTunes style library on your Mac.

1) Who has an iSight?
2) Once I've catalogued all of my media, who will care?

It certainly seems well designed, and from a company named Delicious Monster, its hard to resist. But what exactly is the point of this program. I know lots of people have an immense amount of CDs and DVDs, but really, can you not remember everything you own? If you've gotten to the point where you're obsessive enough to own hundreds of DVD movies, you've probably already catalogued them in your head, and motorized roll out display case, so what's the use?

The only possible use I can see for this program is people who sell lots of items on eBay, or Amazon zShops. In that case, yes, this is a helpful item, it makes you into a more organized little store. But as a consumer product, I'm not sold.

And seriously, its really easy to sell me on cool applications, so better luck next time, Delicious Monster!

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