Thursday, January 20, 2005

Everybody Knows That Chris is the Best

Check out this nice profile on Chris, from the Northern Weschester Patent Trader:

Somers Alum Lives for Comedy

For the record, Stefan mentioned the name "Elephant Larry." Although I did suggest it to his MIND.


Jeff said...

BAM! Chris is well-liked by his charmingly well-written hometown newspaper. :)

Anonymous said...

Hey Phantlar Pholk,

I'd apologize for giving Alex credit he didn't deserve, but Stefan owes me money. (Just kidding. And yes, I have to spell out the fact that I'm kidding in case one of my bosses reads this.)

Correction's running in this week's edition of The Patent Trader. My apologies and best of luck.

~Chris S., the newspaper guy.

Alex said...

Hey Chris!

I hope you know I was making with the funny, too... That article was great, and made me lough out loud a bunch of times. Thanks for taking care of our Chrissy :)