Monday, January 31, 2005

Top Searches, January 2005

Just for consistency's sake, here's the top searches that led people to this past month. No commentary this time, except: Seriously? George Washington?

1 george washington
2 lindsay lohan hot
3 elephant larry
4 ashton kutcher
5 white castle
6 penis
7 dvda
8 elephantlarry
9 superman
10 white castle burgers
11 beyonce
12 elephant sketch
13 pajamas
14 bear
15 elephant penis
16 sketch comedy
17 yankees stadium
18 alex stefan
19 chris principe
20 elephant

On a White Castle note, Stefan just told me he saw "Harold & Kumar Go To White Castle," last night, and enjoyed it. I agree. I saw it in theaters, and its actually a really funny movie. Not perfect by any means, and occasionally badly put together, but the first half of the movie is actually hilarious.


Geoffrey said...

Number 15 reminds me of a feature we oft joke about but will never actually make it to the website.

It would be "Elephant Larry's Dix-Up!" The format would be wacky children's puzzle with some exposition along the lines of "Elephant Larry has all lost their penises! Match each member with their member!" And then you would draw a line between pictures of our faces and pictures of our penises.

I think it's very funny and eminently undoable.