Friday, February 04, 2005

ho wow.

I may be last to hear of this (it wouldn't be the first time), but I'll be gosh darned if this isn't the coolest and most comprehensive site for serious food discussion. WOW.

Ferran Adria is the coolest man alive, and these guys got to have a Q&A with him. I'm kinda jealous. (Ferran Adria, by the way, is widely considered to be the greatest and most influential living chef in the world. He operates a restaurant named El Bulli in a small resort town in Spain, where the number of reservation calls received from people all over the world that want to FLY TO SPAIN just to try his cuisine exceeds the number of available seatings by a ratio of approximately 1000:1, at a modest estimate.)

I found this site while trying to research The Modern, which is the MOMA's new French/American restaurant that will open on Monday. It's the newest restaurant to be opened by my hero, Danny Meyer. He is a kind and generous culinary god, and a superdude who I'm proud to say I worked for. Rock on Danny Meyer.