Friday, February 04, 2005

Iggles vs. Pats

Well this is what we've all been gambling for these past 17+ weeks. The Super Bowl. The New England Patriots vs. The Philadelphia Eagles. Two teams I probably couldn't dislike any more unless they played in Dallas.

The Eagles are a natural geographic rival of my favorite football team, the New York Giants. Thus I hate them. That's pretty straight-forward. The Patriots are a little less direct. Now, I have nothing against the Patriots per se. I respect how great they are, and sure, I'd like to see them knocked off the throne, but excellence should be rewarded. However. They play in the same city/geographic region as the Red Sox. As a Yankee fan, I hold the Red Sox in low esteem, to say the least. I am a bigger Yankee fan than Giant fan. Therefore, I have chosen to root against the Patriots and for the Eagles.

Of course, that doesn't matter at all. The Patriots are going to win not because they have a supersolid clutch quarterback or a stifling defense. They are going to win because they have, probably, the best head coach of all time in Bill Belichick. In this age of parity where the Bengals can go from suck to OK and the Rams can go from awesome to suck in the blink of an eye, Bill Belichick is constantly getting his team of mostly no-names to the Super Bowl. And winning it. Which he will do again. The jerk.

And the whole game I'm gonna have to force myself to think "Hey, at least one team I don't like will lose".


Anonymous said...

Agreed Belichick is a jerk. But he was also the architect of The Giants victory in Superbowl XXV. The Bills were unstoppable throughout the playoffs that year. Beating teams by big scores much like the Colts were doing this year. The common denominator: The Jerk. And I don't mean Steve Martin.