Friday, February 04, 2005

The Week in MSN Pictures

I know you. You’re one of those ferocious internet surfers. And I bet there’ve been times when, exhausted and overwhelmed by all that information streaming into your retinas, you pause and leave that cursor hovering over a website picture for a moment or two. If this sounds familiar, then you’ve probably also noticed that a small text-box often appears with a photo credit, a caption, or more often, a simple description of what you’re looking at. Web-guru Alex told me that this is called alt text, and I enjoy it because it distills that photo down to the very CORE of its reality. No judgments. No bullshit. Just a pure, rock-solid description of that which is actually taking place before you. Some might even say…Truth?

But enough preface. It’s time for another rousing game of…


Below, you’ll find a series of photos recently taken from the venerable Below each photo is the title of the relevant MSN article. And if you swipe just below that, you’ll get the descriptive alt text supplied by the MSN web-gurus. So respectively, that’s (A) what you think you see, (B) what MSN's telling you to see, and (C) what you’re really seeing without even realizing it. Enjoy.

photo description (swipe to reveal): one man yelling at another man

Keep Thieves out of Your Bank Account

photo description: man doing a karate move in front of a bank vault

photo description: man lassoing money

Zero Gravity available…for $3K

photo description: man floating in zero gravity

How to Prevent Getting Laid Off

photo description: confident business woman

photo description: a masked insurgent in mosul

DNA to Decide Baby's Fate

photo description: Baby ‘81’
[ed: wtf?]

Oh, How you move me. How you teach me. It's so easy to get so caught up in the complexity of it all, that we lose touch with our basic, alt text realities. Always simple. Always true. Think about what your personal alt text is right now. Here's mine (swipe for answer): young man typing at computer and crying.


Monica said...

letter to the editor: baby #81 is an unidentified baby found in the tsuanami aftermath. At one point, something like 11 different parents were claiming it was theirs. the courts ordered DNA tests. no results yet. big news drama over there.

christopher said...

Thanks, Mon. Obviously, I wasn't convinced to actually read the article. I wtf-ed because I thought it struck me as some strange sorta baby-creating-and-numbering facility or something. Or that MSN just had a whole bunch of pictures of babies lying around, and that was the 81st one. Chris dumb.