Friday, February 04, 2005

Wake Up! Its Time for Puzzles!

There's a good chance this product would make me want to kill myself:

I'll let their website describe it:

When it's time to leave your incredibly cosy bed each morning, not only will your ears be treated to a fantastic ringing melody, a 4-piece jigsaw puzzle randomly shoots out.

So what you ask? Well, in order to turn off a ringing alarm, you must solve the jigsaw puzzle, assembling it back on to the clock.
Let me repeat: This clock would make me want to die.

That being said, its a pretty clever way to get people out of bed. And I'll sure enjoy watching all of you use it from up in Heaven.


christopher said...

To the terrible alarm clock's defense, it doesn't look that challenging of a puzzle.

Alex said...

"Seems easy...not! It's a great way to get up though, as by the time you've found all 4 pieces of the jigsaw puzzle and solved it, you'll be bright-eyed and bushy-tailed, ready for the day ahead."

It actually flings the pieces all over your room. Horrible.

Geoffrey said...

How about just taking the batteries out? I prefer "real-world" solutions.

christopher said...

I really hate that term, "bushy-tailed." It makes me picture a bunch of dudes and gals walking around normally, except their asses are sticking out.

No, that doesn't sound right. Not sticking out "exposed" sticking out, but...ya know, like squatting a little while they walk...oh forget it.

Anonymous said...

I think I saw this in 'Lethal Weapon 8: The Napping Years'. Finally--a good use for Puzzle Glue...