Friday, February 04, 2005

trout what with what???

I'll just keep on posting about nerdy food things today, why not?

So in case you don't watch Food Network as much as me, those guys are going to great lengths to promote the American version of Iron Chef. In addition to pseudo-intense voiceover ads that command you to "put a little iron in your diet," they also have this one commercial that's designed to show you how all the different Iron Chefs put their own unique twist on whatever special ingredient is given to them.

Except that two of the chefs are normal and one of them is INSANE.

When given a trout, Iron Chef (and major tool) Bobby Flay says, "I can make a blue cornmeal-crusted trust with a chile sauce" or something like that. OK, fine. He specializes in Southwestern stuff; everything he cooks includes cornmeal. Rating: Sane.

Iron Chef Mario Batali says something about making a marinated trout with green and black olives. Well, yeah, he's Iron Chef Italian, he cooks with Mediterranean ingredients, olives makes perfect sense. Rating: Sane.

Then Iron Chef Japanese (from the original show) Morimoto says, "I'll make trout ice cream with eyeball!"

WHAT??!?!?!?! Rating: Insane.

AACK. I'm still thinking about it and trying not to imagine how it tastes. When will the iron chefs learn that when they have to make seafood, they shouldn't try a dessert? Case in point: I saw a guy make Creme Brulee with Cod Roe last night. He failed to win that night. I'm not shocked.

But I digress. The weird thing about this commercial is that they don't draw any attention to the fact that the first two are kinda normal and the last one is INSANE. They finish the ad by remarking on how unique the three chefs are. Without mentioning the fish eyeball dessert.