Friday, March 04, 2005

Cuddle Bag

This one's for Jerf. I've edited the story so as to give it a feeling of suspense. It takes place in Inkom, Idaho.

Torri Hutchinson was driving along Interstate 15 one day when a motorist kept trying to get her attention, pointing to the roof of her car.

She was wary of the man, but wondered if perhaps her ski rack might have come loose. She pulled over to the side, but kept her doors locked and the motor running. The man pulled up behind her. Hutchinson rolled down her window to hear the man frantically shouting something.

He reached for the roof of her car and handed the shocked woman an orange tabby. She had driven about 10 miles with the cat on top of the car, and didn't even notice the feline when she stopped for gas!!!

Hutchinson said Cuddle Bug, or C.B. for short, had climbed into the back of her car as she was getting ready to leave. She put him out, but he must have jumped on the roof while she wasn't looking.

I like how you can put almost any word in front of -bag, -ball, or -wad, and it makes a totally acceptable insult. Or pet name... I guess.

Full article here. Via Drudge.


Alex said...

This is probably the best place to post this.

(Also, this.)

Anonymous said...

i have a recipe for roadkill stew. would the cat qualify?