Friday, March 04, 2005

I'll Greenlight That!

Jesus, this is an intense story.

Last year in Chicago, a white supremacist by the name of Matthew Hale was accused of attempting to assasinate a judge, Joan Humphrey Lefkow. He's been in prison ever since, and is awaiting his sentencing date on April 6.

Yesterday, Judge Lefkow came home to find her husband and mother shot and thrown in the basement of her house.

After being transferred to another cell, and being the main suspect in the crimes, Hale released a statement saying:

"There's simply no way that any supporter of mine would commit such a heinous crime. I totally condemn it, and I want the perpetrator caught and prosecuted. I only hope they seriously want to apprehend the animal instead of railroading the innocent. Only an idiot would think I would do this. My sentencing date is April 6."
This morning, Lefkow responded by saying,
"Nobody is going to intimidate me off my duty,"
and vowed to return to the bench as soon as possible.

What the crap? If I don't start writing this as a movie script immediately, where the tough as nails judge, and her arch enemy the white supremacist team up to solve the murder of her husband and elderly mother, I might as well hand in my WGA card.

Which I don't have one of.

Read more about this story here, here, and here.


Anonymous said...

Get me Susan Sarandon, Steven Segal and Chris Tucker and you got yourself a picture!

Alex said...

Chris Tucker as the white supremacist, right?

Anonymous said...

Of course. And Segal as the judge (in drag). Sarandon is in a coma for the whole picture, but narrates.

Monica said...

Not to be a white supremacist hater or anything, but despite his statement, most people are still inclined to believe that he was connected to the crime. Also, MY sentencing date in August 29th.

Ted said...

You think THAT'S weird, check this out. This is an excerpt from an email we received today from my mother-in-law-to-be about my nephew-in-law-to-be, Solomon. He's 6 years old. He's also a weirdly-smart super-genius kid:

"Worried about Sol, he has appointment with the specialist end of the month. He has dark circles under his eyes, not sleeping well, he said 'I would sleep better but those people keep waking me up all night' and mentions a 'person with the curly shoes' - He told the Dr. 'My brain says do this, no, do that' - Don't know punctuation rules for that, but sure you do. Anyways, poor little guy, it's a wonder he concentrates at all."

GAH! I dare you all to sleep tonight without a visit from the "PERSON WITH THE CURLY SHOES"!

Art imitates life imitates art imitates THE PERSON WITH THE CURLY SHOES!