Friday, March 04, 2005

Esas Lesbianas Muy Locas!

I had the "pleasure" of watching two episodes of The L Word the other night. Not being a pay cable subscriber, I've never seen the show, and this was a real eye opener... As to how badly it sucks.

Seriously, its nice that they've put the lesbian experience on TV, but perhaps someone should teach them how to write, or edit, or, you know, act.

Not all of it is bad. In essence, its a soap opera with lesbians transmuted onto all of the parts, male and female, with the requisite shock hook-ups, pregnancies, and threats of death that go with the territory. But I guess maybe I was expecting something good. Instead of, you know, the same old crap. And also its boring.

Speaking of bad, you absolutely must check out the theme song to the show, which is linked on the front page. Atrocious.

I'm willing to hear defenses from anyone who's seen the show... After all, I've only watched two terrible hours of it. But know in advance that I'm going to think your arguments are invalid and wrong.


Monica said...

Ok, I guess this is my territory..let me make it clear I have yet to see an episode for this season, since my friend is taping them for me but has yet to turn over the tape. so for all I know, the second season could be terrible. I can only speak from the wonderful experience I had from watching the first season- which I watched in near marathon style over 2 days.
[the theme song is new this season, because they didn't really have one last year, and I've only heard bad things about it, so okay, alex, I'll agree with you there.]
Since you already admitted that you're not really going to listen to any defense of the show, then I'll say this-- the show is not for you. its not targeted to you, its not written with you in mind, and it certainly doesn't represent anything close to your lifestyle.
For anyone reading this, do not be turned off by alex's bad review. give the show a shot. and DO NOT just watch the last episode of the first season-try and watch them in some sort of order. I recommend you rent the DVD and start at the beginning.
its soap-operary, but also meaningful and funny.
oh, and for all that it matters. I hate Jenny. I think her character should be removed from the show.

Anonymous said...

So who is the show for, if not Alex? And what's particularly meaningful about it?